We have a multidisciplinary team to nurture the project from different branches of knowledge, each professional contributing to the strengthening and growth of SIEMCOL.

Magda H. Aunta Higuera
Project Manager

Professional specialized in Public Administration and Finance with more than 20 years of experience in the health sector.

As part of SIEMCOL S.A.S. She has been designated as the project manager, carrying out coordination and process management tasks, decision making, among others.

Sergio A. Gómez Vásquez
Chief Operating Officer

MSc in Engineering and Architecture, with experience in structuring and project management.

As part of SIEMCOL S.A.S., He has served as chief operating officer, establishing development strategies for products and services in the medical cannabis industry and ensuring operational development in the value chain.

Kenneth Darío Barros Soto
Production Manager

Industrial Engineer, specialist in Quality Management.

As part of SIEMCOL S.A.S., He is in charge of the production area, carrying out tasks such as scheduling orders, generating reports, ensuring quality in all processes, managing inventory of raw materials, and finished products.

Rodolfo A. Mejía Cruz
Technical Department Manager

Agricultural Engineer with Master Science in Plant Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. University Professor, with 20 years of academic and research experience, in the field of genetic improvement and biotechnology, Advisor to the Agricultural Production Board.

As part of SIEMCOL S.A.S., He is responsible for managing and leading agricultural production processes and research related to his field of study.

Karen J. Martinez Beltrán

Agronomist, Specialist in productivity management and continuous improvement, with knowledge in social work and Evaluation of agronomic characteristics and good agricultural practices for medicinal cannabis crops.

As part of the SIEMCOL S.A.S. She has worked in supporting the agricultural production processes, and research.

Humberto Torres Llerena
Pharmaceutical Chemist

Pharmaceutical Chemist, with a Bachelor in Chemistry and Biology, specialist in Experimental Physics, certified by the United Nations in analytical techniques of drug abuse, with more than 30 years of experience in university teaching.

As part of SIEMCOL S.A.S., He has been in charge of consulting in chemical and pharmaceutical aspects for the production of medicinal cannabis, technical support for the security plan, and research, among others.

Stephanie Meoz King

Chemist, consultant for the medicinal cannabis industry in Colombia. With experience in the implementation of chemical processes and product development for the mining and food industries, among others.

As part of SIEMCOL S.A.S., she has served as a consultant for the development of a business strategic plan.

Alejandra M. García Rodriguez
Chief of Investigations

Physics, candidate for Master in Earth Sciences, with experience in the development of interdisciplinary research projects, popularization of science, and university teaching.

As part of SIEMCOL S.A.S., she has served as Head of Investigations, managing and strengthening the different lines of investigation.

Sonia Rincón

General Surgeon, Specialist in Homeopathy, Alternative Therapeutics, Plant Pharmacology; and in Health Management; with a Diploma in Homotoxicology.

As part of SIEMCOL S.A.S., she has been structuring a project for the development of a health care institution, dedicated to the treatment of chronic pain through alternative medicines.

Jenny E. Sierra Olarte

Psychologist, magister in Education and Cognitive Processes, specialist in Social Management with emphasis on project management, planning, and administration, with technical, administrative, and financial experience in the coordination of activities of social projection and university extension, as well as projects´ intervention and supervision. With more than 12 years of experience in university teaching.

As part of SIEMCOL S.A.S., she has conducted research regarding the uses of cannabis for medicinal purposes, a fundamental pillar for our business.

Erika Chaparro

Public Accountant Management Specialist with experience in positions of coordination and direction of accounting processes.

As a member of SIEMCOL S.A.S., she has carried out tasks in the financial area, participated in the development of a financial tool that confirms economic viability in the main project of the organization, among others.

Ana Maria Vargas García

Architect, project manager. With experience in structuring and executing real estate projects.

GV12 As part of SIEMCOL S.A.S. has led activities such as urban adaptation, electrical and hydrosanitary connections; and the design of the architectural component of the project taking into account the aesthetic and functional input.

Fernando Hernández Vélez
Director of Corporate Affairs

Lawyer Specialist in Administrative Law and Labor Law. With experience in legal management, and in advising and consulting in the health sector.

As a member of SIEMCOL S.A.S., He gives legal advice, verification of compliance, regulations´study, among others.

Karem M. Sanabria León

Lawyer with a diploma in Criminal Investigation for the accusatory criminal system, specialist in Commercial Law. With more than 6 years of experience in state contracting, administrative, corporate, commercial, and voluntary liquidation of companies in the health sector.

As a member of SIEMCOL S.A.S. She has advised on corporate issues, regulatory study, and contract analysis.

Cristhiam Jiménez Vazquez

Lawyer with experience in the process of constitutional proceedings.

As a member of SIEMCOL S.A.S., He has worked in various activities related to the process to obtain cannabis licenses, as well as to deepen and acquire knowledge, for the correct analysis and interpretation of the different regulations that govern this activity.

Estefani Gómez Parra

Lawyer with cum laude distinction with experience in contentious administrative proceedings and knowledge in regulatory matters of medicinal cannabis.

As a member of SIEMCOL S.A.S. She has worked in the elaboration of institutional cooperation agreements, the study of regulations, and the elaboration of concepts, among others.

Daniela Bernal Orozco
Communications Coordinator

Advertiser with experience in marketing and communications.

As part of the SIEMCOL S.A.S. She has served as Communications Coordinator, working on the brand identity and its positioning.

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