Siemcol - Siembra Medicinal Colombiana

Siemcol – Siembra Medicinal Colombiana


A group of entrepreneurial friends committed to a project capable of generating a great impact; this is the seed that brought SIEMCOL to life. A company made up of a group of specialists with robust...
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By 2023 we will have cannabis oil with the highest quality standards and giving priority to the impact of our management and contribution from a social, environmental, and medicinal point of view. Our foundation will...
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For its privileged location, Colombia has a wide variety of climates and ecosystems that favor plant growth. Free trade agreements, and the 14-tonne quota, make our country the ideal place for the cultivation of medicinal...
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Our Contribution

We have framework agreements to advance joint actions in research, extension, technical, administrative and academic assistance, and in all other forms of university action; in order to contribute to generating multidisciplinary knowledge, economic development, and to have a social impact that benefits multiple sectors of Colombian society.

We are focused on social commitment through integrated production, through which the small grower is incorporated into the global chain of medicinal cannabis; we also invest in social development in the communities nearby, becoming a source of employment, education, and growth in the region.

We support reforestation by planting native trees that contribute to air purification, fertile soils, wildlife refuge, soil nutrient regeneration and landscape beautification.  

As part of our environmental and sustainable commitment, we have a beekeeping project that contributes through the pollination of bees to sustainable agriculture, the environment and ecosystem health, conservation and improvement of biodiversity, among others.