Our Origin

A group of entrepreneurial friends committed to a project capable of generating a great impact; this is the seed that brought SIEMCOL to life. A company made up of a group of specialists with robust knowledge of the health sector and with the intention of propagating and germinating their ideals of health and well-being based on the benefits that nature provides us.

At the beginning of 2018 they planted this seed with the intention of turning their idea into reality, and the commitment to walk the path with legality, quality and transparency in the different processes, and taking as a priority the impact of their contribution from a social, environmental and medicinal point of view. Thus arises the need to form a multidisciplinary team to nurture the project from different branches of knowledge, each professional contributing to the strengthening and growth of SIEMCOL.


We are located at Toca, Boyacá: for its proximity to Bogotá, the security of the region, the climate, and its natural attractions; it became the ideal place for brand growth.


We create value through a reliable service; guaranteeing quality and transparency in the processes of cultivation and processing of medicinal products and cosmetics derived from cannabis, providing effective solutions to the needs of the market with natural and healthy components.

Convenios y Alianzas

We have joint ventures with recognized Colombian universities to work in research and have technical, administrative, and academic assistance. This, in order to contribute to the generation of multidisciplinary knowledge, to economic development, and to generate a social impact that benefits Colombian society.

contacto:  info@siemcol.com.co