Our cultivation

The cultivation of Cannabis for medicinal purposes is called to meet the challenges from the medical and scientific community towards the research and development of new products that allow the preclinical and clinical pharmacological evaluation of the therapeutic potentials of each and every one of its components, which from anecdotal information and ancestral orality have been compiling many uses of this plant and that deserve to be evaluated. It is then the preclinical and clinical trials that through experimental research designs can lead to legitimizing the true therapeutic potential of cannabinoids and their terpenoids, in order to be used in many of the pathologies that today impair the quality of life of Colombians.


It is our commitment at SIEMCOL to provide research and help improve the life of many patients, for which we have incorporated into our project a group of professionals in different disciplinary fields: Doctors, Biologists, Agronomists, Chemists, Engineers, Lawyers among others.


There are many research fronts offered by the cultivation of cannabis and its derivatives, ranging from nutritional and environmental agronomic conditions that provide in the crops an appropriate development, which allows obtaining phytocannabinoids of interest in suitable concentrations, through the optimization of extraction processes, to pharmacological studies, as well as the design of drugs in any of its pharmaceutical forms that allow giving stability to their active ingredients.

Agreements and Alliances

We have framework agreements to advance joint actions in the areas of research, extension, technical, administrative and academic assistance, and in all other forms of university action; in order to contribute to the generation of multidisciplinary knowledge, to economic development, and to generate a social impact that benefits multiple sectors of Colombian society.

contacto:  info@siemcol.com.co